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OÜ Audiitorbüroo RKT was founded in 1999 by the employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG with the aim to provide high-quality up-to-date auditing service.

Today Audiitorbüroo RKT advises and audits about 200 companies – from the large-scale companies among the Estonian TOP 100 up to the small companies. Our clients come from different sectors, e.g. transport, trade, production, construction, real estate development and entertainment. The number of the clients from the public sector has also increased from year to year.

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Our team

Roland Kaurov


Roland is an authorized auditor of the Republic of Estonia since 1996 and one of the founders of OÜ Audiitorbüroo RKT. Prior to establishing OÜ Audiitorbüroo RKT he worked in AS PricewaterhouseCoopers. Roland has a diversified experience in auditing the Estonian and international companies. Roland has audited the companies of different sectors over the years, including Shell Eesti, Lindström, Estiko, Baltic Workboats, Scandic Hotels , Näpi Saeveski etc.

Phone: (+ 372) 7 442 353, (+372) 51 20 633


e-mail: roland (at)



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Kaire Metsoja

Lauri Järg

Raul Lepik

Authorized auditor



Kaire started her career as an auditor from the year 1995. Kaire has been working since 1996, after passing the professional exam, up to today as the authorized auditor. Considering the long-term practice, Kaire has acquired the base of experience in auditing the financial statements of different forms of entrepreneurship, participated in internal audits, audited project and group reports, has been the forensic expert and the inventory taker of estate etc. The cooperation with lawyers and law offices has been a valuable contribution to her skills base. Kaire has communicated with local as well as international auditing companies.

Lauri has worked in OÜ Audiitorbüroo RKT since 2008.

He has graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Tallinn University of Technology in 1992. He has been related to auditing activities since 1995 when he started within the staff of the international auditing company KPMG. This period also involves his annual work practice in KPMG Helsinki office partly in the sector of banking and insurance and partly in due diligence projects.

Raul works in Audiitorbüroo RKT since 2006. Raul has diverse experience in auditing the clients of different sectors. He acquired the Master’s degree in accounting and financial accounting. During off hours Raul deals actively with hiking and recreational sport.


Phone: (+ 372) 7 732 253,

(+372) 51 48 758


e-mail: kaire (at)

Phone: (+ 372) 7 442 353,

(+372) 51 65 328


e-mail: lauri (at)

Phone: (+ 372) 7 732 253,

(+372) 53 913 018


e-mail: raul (at)



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